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5 Reasons to Choose CLC Tutors

  1. Results: 89% of all students tutored by Chinese Learning Centre achieve an increase of one or more grades, compared to the grade they were achieving in the subject prior to tuition, and 51% achieve an increase of two or more grades.
  2. Quality and Difference: Chinese Learning Centre is unique among private tuition agencies in that we work for the client (not the tutor) which enables us to monitor the tuition quality to help ensure results are achieved. We are not an employment agency which places tutors and moves on. Our tutors also appreciate the support, and many have been with us for many years.
  3. Experience and Specialisation: Our private tutors specialise at the level you require from beginner entry and Intermedia Entrance through to Toddler,nuresery, pre-school to GCSE, A-Level, University and beyond.
  4. Tailored Service: Chinese Learning Centre's consultants (over the telephone) will use the background information you give us to complete a full requirement profile to match you with the right private tutor to meet your individual needs. If you are not happy with the first introduction, we provide another.
  5. Support: Chinese Learning Centre supports clients and tutors from beginning to end of tuition. We recognise that tutors as well as clients need support and guidance in challenging situations.

Established Community, Commitment & Track Record: Chinese Learning Centre has a loyal and long term tutor community. Our tutors have outstanding track records of success with our clients and we hold detailed perfor