Learning Resources for Children

Chinese GCSE learning materials

There are some selections of GCSE Learning resources on my youtube channel. It is completely free to use. Unlike most of the lessons on the market, I try not to use as many " pinyin" as possible, in this way, students are forced to read Chinese characters. This makes them much successful in their GCSE exams, especially the writing part of the exam.

This video shows the examples of how to use verb in your past tense writing and future tense writing.

This video covers all the words /topics in your hobby writing. It also shows you how to write them in present /past/future tense.

This video teaches about how to say " Time" in Chinese, it is a very easy subject, and very practical in your daily life speaking as well.

There are many new words shows in this video , hence it will help you to show your speaking ability in your exam.