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BA (Hons) Education in Primary in China

BA (Hons) Education in Early Yrs in the UK

Ms ZhEng has First-Ranking Certification as primary school teacher in China, she has been working as Mandarin teacher since 1997, has published articles in the Chinese educational journals in China, gained several accolades in her career. She is also a team member of Educational Research Institute in China.

Ms Zheng is a certified Early Year Teacher by UK Education Department from 2019. Therefore, she has a vast experience in teaching pre-school children.

Ms Zheng has also been working as a GCSE/A level tutor since 2005. So far, she has tutored over 200 UK students. Her GCSE/A level pass rate is 100% and 85% A* and A achievement.

BA (Hons) Education in China

MA in Literature & Education China

Ms Liu has a full heart for Chinese Literacy. She is knowledgeable; she is romantic in her literature world.

She gained her Master Degree in Literature & Education in China dated 1997. She has since been working as an associate Professor in a Teacher’s Training College in China. She also organised a Drama School for local Chinese children and all the children loved her work.

She has a master in Mandarin speaking, standard requirement for many TV presenters you can see on the Chinese News Channels. As an experienced tutor, it is simply a pleasure when you just listen to her speaking.

Mrs Liu is also an exam assessor for Chinese A level in the UK and internationally.

Fancy a Chinese poem? Fancy a discussion about Chinese literature? Want to know about Chinese Modern literature? Ms Liu is the one for you!

Ms Wong is a certified in the UK as a secondary school teacher who has been teaching Mandarin in various independent schools in the past, and she is teaching at a State secondary school in Central London for the current term.

BA Hones in Chinese Literacy, China

Master in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language in the UK.

Certified Secondary School Teacher ( ITT)

Ms Zhao: currently doing a PHD at UCL ( Language and culture) . She is teaching online primary school online every Sunday morning. Her specialty is teaching children 5-18 years old.

Ms Chen: currently doing a PHD at UCL ( Language and culture) . She is teaching onsite home tuition as well as teaching two primary classes . Her specialty is teaching children 5-10 years old.

Ms Luo: Currently in London Education Institution in Master studying, 3 years teaching experience in the UK, Specialised in teaching children 5-18 years old.

The star home tuitions teachers are on high demand, please book your home tuition as soon as possible due to the high popularity of this service. Please note we have a number of highly trained teachers which have not yet been included in our Star Teacher chart, it must be noted all our teachers come from strong academic and teaching background.