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About Us

Different from other Chinese/Mandarin Schools in the UK, Chinese Learning School is children’s Chinese school established by mainland Chinese. Therefore, we only teach simplified Chinese which is what popular in the current climate. We avoid confusion with Cantonese, Traditional Chinese as only specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese!

伦敦中文教学中心是由一支由国内专家合作的专业的汉语教学中心,所有的教学主干全是国内教育专科出身。 程度有从小学教学,中学,直到大学的中文教育。教伦敦中文教育中心目前只提供简体的汉语教学。

Children’s Chinese is our leading and main service in Chinese Learning School, children courses starts from ages of 3 and above, initially learning with oral speaking, intern leading to the different levels of Mandarin class by class, please refers to Co

course Curriculum

根据汉语的语言特点,中文教育要从娃娃抓起。 基于多年来我们对于儿童汉语教育经验的积累,我校在伦敦已赢得的良好的教学声誉。

The rigorous and friendly management style provides a strong solid platform for both our children, parents and the team. We are always willing to try new teaching ideas, if we feel these are a success with children learning Mandarin and parents approval we implement these changes. Such an approach with a small management team ensures the Chinese Learning Centre is innovative and provides a unique personalized approach.