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GCSE Exam Registration

GCSE exam registration is closed for Summer 2024 


Every year, the GCSE Chinese exam is held in the months of May and June.The registration period runs from December 2023 through February 2024.After February, late entries are subject to a surcharge. 

EXAM Booster Class 

It is recommended that candidates consider enrolling in a minimum of two term booster classes. Our previous experience has demonstrated that these booster sessions have the potential to improve grades by one to two levels. To register booster class, please click the link to book . 

Summer Term 2024 Time Table

Every Sunday 11:00-13:00

April: 21/28

May: 5/12/19

June: 2/9/16/23/30

Fee Total: £300

GCSE exam preparation

Exam Preparation Online Classes

Each child is unique, as is each exam body.You can book one or two trial assessment sessions for your child, and the tutor will send you a thorough report on your child's strengths and weaknesses for the exam.

Your online exam preparation will be targeted to your child's weaknesses in order to increase their overall score.

Based on our experiences, you should start contacting us one year before your child's exam. This allows us to devote adequate time to producing the finest results possible.

We have assisted students from St Paul School for Girls, Godolphin and Latymer School, King's College, City London of School, and many others.

  • Trial  Session fee is @£50 x 2 sessions. 

  • Every 10 hours booking is @ £45 x 100 =£450 

GCSE exam registration
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